with the same net carb content as 2 Grapes, 1 Skittle, or 1/20th of an RXBAR.
Gluten Free. Dairy Free.
Worry Free.

"When I tried the Better Bagel, I was immediately impressed with how alive it seemed. The Better Bagel made my day…well…better." 

- Penn Appetit

"The 'Better' community is a great way to support people on their health journey and empower them to challenge the status quo."

- Comeback Mag

"This bagel is amazing." 

- Michael Karsch, CEO, JuicePress

High Protein

8g Protein

Low Carb

1.2g Net Carb 

Calorie Light 

120 Calories

All Natural

No Artificial Additives or Preservatives

100% Delicious

Hundreds of Positive Reviews & Testimonials

"We shouldn't have to settle for the status quo."

- The Better Bagel Team

#eatBETTER #disruptNutrition @better_bagel  

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