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We're Better Bagel Team, and its so great to meet you! 

We created Better Bagel while we were students at The Wharton School, with the mission of challenging the status quo of nutrition. 

We've always been told that some foods were bad, and some foods were good. Well, what if we could just make those "bad" foods... "Better"? 😉 

No more stress. No more deprivation. Only that feel good, confident feeling that comes with making great choices, consistently! 

By challenging the status quo in this regard, we aim to inspire and empower one another to do so in other regards as well. We can #eatBETTER, #liveBETTER, #doBETTER. We stand for empowering ourselves as well as those around us. 


Turning a traditionally carb heavy bagel into the same net carb content as two grapes is only the beginning.


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