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Better Bagel™ was developed and founded at the Wharton School! As students, we were continuously inspired and energized by the vast amount of innovation and creation that happened on a daily basis; and, from personally understanding the MANY pain points associated with diet and healthy eating, wanted to find a way to extend that innovation to solve these pain points that were so real to our day to day lives.

Taking a bagel, a product known to be incredibly carb heavy, and reducing it to the same carb content of 2 grapes (or 1/8th of an orange!) speaks to that innovation, and empowers us to live free from those stress points.





By pushing the boundaries of nutrition, we strive to start a conversation around challenging the status quo in all regards. 



We stand for authenticity, transparency, innovation, and empowering ourselves as well as those around us.




We spoke to over 800 people across varying demographics to best understand YOUR needs. We took what you told us, and went through over 600 product iterations before creating 'Better Bagel'- a product we 100% stand behind (we have a saying "if trial runs were touch downs, we'd have Brady beat"😉).


Why is this bagel truly a 'Better' bagel? Well, at 1.2 net carbs and 120 calories per bagel, Better Bagel™ is a dieter's dream. In addition, by using all natural, gluten free ingredients, no added sugar, and no artificial additives or preservatives (that work to keep you 4x as full as a traditional bagel, without the sugar crash), we also provide solutions to those with dietary or  gluten intolerance, diabetics, postpartum mothers, and of course, all those looking to live free of the stresses of diet and healthy eating. 




Better Bagel™ was made for you, and we pledge to continue to place your needs first. We welcome your feedback, and invite you to be an active part of our 'BETTER' Community!

Your feedback was already paramount in our development process: 

  • You told us traditional bagels were too dry, so we made ours as moist as possible.

  • You told us traditional bagels were flavorless, so we made ours chock full of flavor.

  • You told us traditional bagels were too large, making you feel either too full or too wasteful, so we made ours the perfect size.

Let us know how and when you're eating your Better Bagels (tag us on Instagram 

@better_bagel)! Please feel to email us anytime at We can't wait to hear what you think! 



Featured by Penn Appetit, March 2020 (Click to Read Review)

Harvard Business School Retail & Luxury Goods Conference, February 2020

NYC International Women's Day Celebration by Elix Healing, March 2020

St. Jude Gold Gala Partner, 2020 

Wharton Business School Graduate Retail Conference, February 2020

Still Curious?

See videos of people trying Better Bagel™ for the first time below. They know a thing or two, because they've done a thing or two 😉.

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