My Keto Journey! 😊

Featuring one of our very own summer interns, Ricky talks about his personal keto journey, and how it inspired him to join the Better Bagel team! Thank you for sharing with us, Ricky!


Senior year. We just graduated. I was ready to head off to college, but one thing still bothered me. I was not in shape. I got super lazy after college application season passed and really didn’t care about anything anymore. I took a good look at myself in the mirror and felt ashamed of myself. I knew that I had to shape up before college started because we all know what happens to freshmen on the meal plan. The question was how? What’s the best way without having to sacrifice too much? After hours of searching the internet, I found something called the keto diet and as soon as I saw the potential results, I was on board. I figured, YOLO, because when else could I try something unique like this? Probably never.

And thus, I began my keto journey. The first two weeks were brutal, but I eased my way into it. Before keto, I loved eating carb-heavy foods, like noodles and bread, so having that suddenly taken away from me was definitely challenging. There were so many times that I felt tempted to have just one bite. It also didn’t help that I was working at a Dairy Queen over the summer and was literally making and serving the Blizzards.

When I first started keto, I’d cope with my sugar cravings by popping a piece of candy in my mouth and spitting it out after a few seconds. After all, I figured getting to savor the taste for a few seconds was better than nothing. Oddly enough, I went from that, to growing to almost hate sugary foods after a month into my keto journey. I was also never one for sugary drinks, but during this process, Diet Coke, Coke Zero, and Fresca became my new best friends. All that aspartame was probably bad for me, but I guess we all have to make tradeoffs in life.

I felt so many positives on the keto diet! Besides making me more fit, the keto diet also improved my motivation and work ethic. I felt like if I could stick to this diet for over three months, then I could do anything! It boosted my self esteem and made me feel like I had more purpose in life than just going to work and preparing for college in August.

Looking back at it now, I have A LOT of memories associated with my keto journey, including meeting one of my best friends because of it. It all happened at an event in our dorm freshman year, where there were boxes and boxes of pizza, but just one salad. She wasn’t on keto, but was also on a low carb diet, and we bonded over that. It felt nice not to be that one outlier who sat in the corner fumbling with a plastic fork over a pile of greens.

To this day, I’m proud of my keto experience, and am honestly surprised at myself for being able to stick to it!. My keto experience was such a big personal accomplishment, because I had never done something like it before. Maybe I would’ve been even more impressed if I had tracked how much weight I lost, but I was more focused on my waist size. After three months, I went from a 34-inch waistline to around a 32, so I can tell you firsthand that it did in fact work.

This personal experience was why I wanted to intern at Better Bagel this summer. I understand the challenges associated, and how much of a difference it would have made to have a food item like this at my disposal. Plus, I love the mission of disrupting nutrition, not settling for the status quo, and empowering people to see nutrition in a different way. It’s been great to use my own keto experience in the process of helping Better Bagel’s growth. Oh, and, I’ve also decided to go back to keto for the rest of the summer! And this time, I'll have Better Bagel to make my experience that much 'better'! :)

- Ricky

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